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Puppy Proofed is available for new pups in the home.  We can help discuss your tricky issues and worries and offer top tips.

Puppy Preschool is our three week online course specifically designed for pups before they are out and about paws on ground.

The UK's most popular Puppy School course is our core puppy training product.

But don't miss out on Puppy Recall Workshops, Puppy Walks and Puppy Clubs.

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BTPDS is the perfect place to start your puppy's training and socialisation.  We offer training classes, fun get-together sessions and even strolls in the local country park! All as part of our unique Advanced Puppy Path.  

Our Puppy School classes are held  at Knockin Village Hall, Oswestry, Shropshire  (Mon), Coedpoeth Parish Hall, Wrexham (Tues),  Weston Rhyn Institute (Thurs) and occasionally at Black Park Community Centre, Chirk.     

The UK Puppy School programme has been carefully designed to take you through all the essential puppy training needed to give a fantastic foundation for life . Puppy Club exists to provide a safe and secure place for puppy socialisation; Puppy Walks for out and about practice including off lead puppy training and Puppy Recalls allows more outside puppy recall practice. Our Puppy Pop-Ins are for the extra 1to1 training you need from time to time. 

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Our Services


BTPDS runs various courses for older dogs. Our venues are Knockin Parish Hall, Oswestry, Shropshire (Monday and Sunday), Coedpoeth Parish Hall, Wrexham (Tuesday), Weston Rhyn Institute, Oswestry, Shropshire (Thurs) and Black Park Community Centre, Chirk, Wrexham for our behavioural work, workshops and lectures.   

Our general obedience courses are very popular and our most popular dog training course is the KNINE Essentials . This covers the essentials for any pet dog including stays, recalls and walking nicely on lead.   

We also have our "Young KNine Essentials" for those teenagers! 

Our Intensive Courses are aimed at "Walking Nicely" and "Coming Back".

We also have Kennel Club listed status and can run  Good Citizens Dog Scheme classes (KCGCDS).  Instructors in club are able to test from Bronze through to Gold level.  

We run various workshops (Hoopers low impact agility/recall/clicker/jumping up/lead walking). 

We also fairly frequently give lectures in Canine Communication and Nutrition. (Please get in touch if you would like us to give a talk to your club or organisation.)

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Our expertise

REACTIVE to REASSURE incorporating our WALK and LEARN Service

Our REACTIVE TO REASSURED work  is one of our specialist areas.   Karen Boyce begin learning about reactive dogs and how to help them back in the very early nineties, because of her own dog's reactivity.   Since then she has become one of the busiest trainers across the UK.   Helping owners with dogs of all sorts of breeds and all sorts of ages cope in the real world .   We teach owners to understand how their dogs think, how they store memories, what effect hormones play, how important nutrition is etc. 

Dogs who can't cope with the outside world, once their owners have had the pyschology of fear and learning,  move on to our WALK and LEARN service.   "Dogs walk, owners learn!"

The WALK and LEARN is also ideal for general issues such as recalls and walking on lead.  

One on one specialist instructor training.

So much more

Professional instructors who are experts in their fields.

Small classes, with high instructor to pupil ratios.

Online information packed tailored  training hubs.

"Trainer in Your Pocket" WhatsApp groups for all classes.

Our team

What we can do for you and you dog!

Puppy And Dog Training

Teaching you to teach your dog

Workshops and Lectures

Specialised training and information

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